Buying Lorcaserin

Buying Lorcaserin and including it to your weight loss plan is a good idea only for people who are obese, that is – people with the body mass index (BMI) 30 and more. Doctors sometimes also give the Belviq prescription to overweight patients, with the BMI starting at 27 and higher, but only if they have certain weigh-related health conditions (like diabetes or hypertension).

In 2013 the innovative medication for weight loss, Belviq®, was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), after 13 years of no legal anti-obesity drugs. Belviq (Lorcaserin), together with lower-calorie diet plan and regular exercise, can help achieve incredible results in terms of weight loss and health.

The weight loss drug Belviq is based on the active component called Lorcaserin Hydrochloride and is created and distributed by the Arena Pharmaceuticals. Lorcaserin is referred to the serotonergic type of drugs. Serotonergic medication works by regulating the levels of serotonin (chemical found in the body) in the brain, where it plays the role of neurotransmitter. Basically, it is responsible for sleep, appetite, mood, sex, and anger.

You might have heard that this serotonin regulation is used to treat depression. However, Lorcaserin is different from anti-depressants like SSRI’s, because it is specifically targeted at the appetite. It activates the serotonin nerve cell receptors in the hypothalamic centers, which are responsible for feeling full. That means that the appetite lowers, people experience less food cravings, get full faster and stay full longer. This is represents incredible help for people who struggle to lose weight.

What to expect from Belviq?

The drug was developed and tested for around ten years by the researchers at Arena Pharmaceuticals. There have been three complete clinical trials, lasting for one or two years each. For instance, a one-year study on 3000 patients showed that participants who were taking Lorcaserin showed the average weight loss of about 5 kg (around 13 lbs.), while the participants who were on the same diet but took placebo, only had an average weight loss of 2-3 kg (about 5 lbs.).

Furthermore, the unique formula of Belviq diet pill and the clinical trials over the years have proven the safety of the drug. And although it might seem similar to the scandalous Fenfluramine, Lorcaserin acts differently. Belviq is far more selective, when it comes to regulating the serotonin levels. It targets specifically at the 5-HT2C serotonin receptors, by altering them, which helps patients control their appetite. Moreover, Lorcaserin has shown no destructive effect on the heart, making Belviq effective and safe.

Although the safety of the drug has been proven, it is a serious medication and Lorcaserin can cause side effects. Many patients experience certain light side effects when they start the Belviq course. Less often, people might experience more serious adverse reactions, in which case the course is discontinued. It is very important that you note any changes caused by the drug and report them to your doctor as soon as possible.

The price of Belviq (Lorcaserin)

Belviq has been available over the counter in the pharmacies all around USA since May 2013, after the Lorcaserin FDA approval. The cost of Belviq can be partially covered by your medical insurance (sometimes even the total price is covered). But that depends on the type of insurance and many patients have to spend their own money to buy Lorcaserin.

The price of the drug also depends on the cost of its developing, which is, of course, the trade secret. Still, many experts suppose that the development of Lorcaserin cost the company more than 1.5 million US dollars. There are other factors as well that affect the cost of Lorcaserin, such as conducting the pre- and clinical trials, the development of the unique formula on the basis of the active ingredient (Lorcaserin hcl), registration of the medicament, its promotion and finally, the cost of the still ongoing research of the drug. Of these factors, the conduction of the research and clinical trials is the most expensive one, as the company had to pay the wages to the researchers, as well as to the patients.

So, considering the fact that the research and studies on Lorcaserin have been on for around 10 years now (and are still in process), it is no wonder that the price of Lorcaserin is quite high, especially compared to other weight-loss medication previously available on the market.

However, the factors that affect the cost of Belviq, presented higher, are the usual ones that are considered when setting a price of medication. In reality, more of them were taken into consideration, when pricing Belviq. But because Arena Pharmaceuticals does not announce the information about the Lorcaserin development, it is impossible to give a precise list of factors that determine its price. Therefore, the assessment given higher is just an approximate one, suggested by the trade experts.

It is also safe to assume that unless Arena Pharmaceuticals sell the rights of Belviq production to another company, or until the generic drugs on the basis of Lorcaserin appear on the market (which is quite unlikely to happen in the following 10 years), the Belviq price will hardly change. So even if other companies will produce the cheaper versions of Belviq, creating a certain kind of competition between the brands, the price of the original Belviq is going to remain the same. Unfortunately, this means that patients will not be able to get the drug at a lower price in near future. However, in this case, the price is 100% justified by the quality, the efficacy and the safety of Belviq.

As of now, the price of Belviq per 10 mg tablet is around 3.50 US dollars. Since the usual prescription advises taking the drug twice every day, the monthly supply of 60 pills will cost around 210 US dollars. Lorcaserin is also available outside of US, in Europe, Canada, and Mexico. However, the brand name might differ, depending on the country. Ask your doctor if the drug you intend to buy is indeed the same Belviq, just under another brand name.

How to buy Belviq?

The Arena Pharmaceuticals Company provides a two-week supply of Belviq for free to the patients who intend to start the course. To use the offer, one simply needs to go to the official site of Belviq and print out the coupon (a form) to get the free-of charge supply that will last for two weeks – 28 tablets of 10 mg each.

However, because of the admission restrictions, potential side effects and other concerns, the drug is only available with the doctor’s prescription. So once you print the form, you should take it to your doctor. Together you will develop a weight loss plan, including the dietary changes and the types of exercising that is suitable for your condition. You will also determine if you meet the restrictions of Belviq and if it can indeed help you lose weight and improve your health. Make sure that you give the most detailed information about other medication that you are taking, or took in past, as it could interact with Lorcaserin, putting you at a risk of developing dangerous consequences.

Once you have your doctor’s approval and he/she signs your printed form, you can go to any pharmacy or health center to get your free two-weeks supply. Be sure to follow the instructions and carefully read all the possible side effects. If you experience any of them, contact your doctor immediately or go to the closest emergency room.

If you are satisfied with the effects of the drug after the two weeks of taking it, you can then use your doctor’s prescription and buy a refill Lorcaserin diet pills at any pharmacy in US. However, if after taking Belviq pills for more than 12 weeks you do not lose enough weight (the number should be specified by your doctor) then the course should be discontinued.

You can also buy Belviq online, however, make sure that the purchase is done from a reliable source and a valid pharmacy. The illegal versions of this drug are highly unsafe and can be very dangerous for your health. You can also ask your doctor or the health provider to recommend you a reliable source, so that you could buy Lorcaserin diet pills online now.