5 reasons to buy Belviq

Belviq (Lorcaserin) is the new medication that was designed to assist obese patients who struggle to lose weight. It’s been on the market for a couple of years and it is available in almost every pharmacy store in US. But why buy it?

Here are some of the reasons why you may want to buy Belviq prescription drug.

1.   You need help

If you are obese (officially, patients are considered obese if their Body Mass Index (BMI) is 30 kg/m2 or higher) or overweight (BMI higher than 37 kg/m2) and suffering from a weight-related health condition, like diabetes or hypertension, you might want to consider buying Belviq diet pill.

Many patients find it difficult to sustain the new low-calorie diet and exercise regimen on the daily basis. It is quite challenging to control the portion size and it is especially hard to fight cravings. Furthermore, patients with the comorbidities can find it even more difficult, as the health condition might interfere with the weight loss program.

In these cases doctors often suggest buying Belviq for weight-loss to help patients get rid of cravings and manage the portion sizes.

2.   Belviq is effective

Belviq’s active ingredient is known as Lorcaserin hydrochloride. It is a selective serotonin receptor agonist, meaning that it activates the 5-HT2C molecule in the brain. This molecule is responsible for the feeling of satiety and hunger. Patients on the Belviq treatment experience fewer cravings, feel less hungry and state that become full much faster, all of which allows them to consume less food.

The efficacy of Belviq diet pill was tested in several clinical trials. The results of the trials were very promising: most patients who took Belviq showed a 5% decrease in their body weight in 12 weeks. Furthermore, after taking Belviq for a year, patients’ weight loss ranged from 3% to 3.7% in comparison to patients who were given placebo.

3.   Lorcaserin has FDA approval

In the late 90’s the Food and Drug Administration in USA has forbidden any weight-loss medication, as all of them had significant health risks. For thirteen years there were no weight-loss drugs on the market. Plus, the FDA was extra cautious when it came to weight-loss medication.

So when the innovative Belviq (Lorcaserin) got the FDA approval in the middle of 2012, it was considered a breakthrough. Since then only two more drugs for weight loss have received the FDA approval.

4.   Belviq is safe

Belviq (Lorcaserin) was discovered by the researchers at the Arena Pharmaceuticals. It has since been carefully researched and thoroughly tested. There have been three complete randomized clinical trials on Lorcaserin HCI, which lasted from 52 weeks to up to 2 years and included hundreds of patients.

As opposed to the drug’s predecessors, Lorcaserin was proven to be safe for the heart and overall health. It is therefore prescribed even to people suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes.

Nevertheless, Belviq diet pill can cause side effects, from the light to more dangerous ones, although the latter are quite rare. The light side effects, like dizziness and headaches do appear more often, but they tend to go away once the body gets used to the drug.

It is also very important to remember that Belviq is the controlled substance that has a potential for abuse. Therefore, make sure that no one else is taking your Belviq 10 mg tablets if they don’t have a doctor’s prescription.

5.   Easy to buy

You can buy Belviq in any pharmacy in the US. Once you get the doctor’s prescription, you can also use the offer provided by the Belviq’s official distributors and get a two-week supply of the Lorcaserin 10 mg pills. If after the two-week trial you decide to continue the treatment, you can use your doctor’s prescription to get the monthly supply of the drug.

The price of the Belviq diet pill is predicted to remain the same for years to come. However, your insurance (depending on what kind of insurance you have) might cover the price partially or even completely, so make sure you check.

If for some reason the pharmacy stores in your location do not sell Belviq, you can always buy Lorcaserin online, as many US pharmacies have the online versions and can even deliver the drug either to the local pharmacy store or directly to you. It might even be cheaper to buy Belviq online rather than in the store. However, you might need to ask your doctor to give you the electronic prescription if you want to buy Belviq online.

If you live outside of the US, there’s no need for despair. You can easily buy Belviq in Canada, where it is also available online, thanks to the efficient pharmacy system. Belviq is also available in Australia, and patients can buy Belviq in Brazil. Lorcaserin is not yet available in Europe, however the European health organizations are considering the treatment and patients might be able to buy Belviq in Europe in soon future. Meanwhile, the European patients can check if the US online pharmacies can ship the medication to the patients’ cities.