Availability of Belviq

Belviq (Lorcaserin HCI) is a relatively new treatment option created to help obese patients manage long-term weight loss. It is especially useful for patients who struggle to lose weight and who have not been able to maintain their weight loss with the help of diet and exercise. Belviq was initially developed by the Arena Pharmaceuticals in the United States, where it is available in pharmacies all over the country. One can also buy Belviq in Canada, buy Belviq in Brazil, and it is even available in Australia. Moreover, patients can buy Lorcaserin in Europe, but about that later…

Belviq weight-loss pill is indeed an innovative medication in all senses. It is the first drug to assist weight loss that was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in more than 13 years. It is much safer than all of its predecessors and definitely more effective. Patients who buy Belviq diet pill and take it according to the prescriptions can get the long-term weight-loss results they would not be able to achieve otherwise.

Belviq (Lorcaserin) has been researched for 9 years before its approval. There have been three complete randomized clinical trials, lasting from 52 weeks to up to two years. The effectiveness and the safety of the drug were also tested on patients with diabetes and patients with heart problems. The studies show that Belviq average weight loss ranged from 3 to 3.7% compared to patients who were given placebo instead.

The active ingredient of Belviq is the Lorcaserin Hydrochloride, which is a selective serotonin receptor agonist. The uniqueness of Lorcaserin is in fact that it activates 5-HT2C molecule only (in the 5-HT receptor subfamily). There were several similar versions of the drug before, but they seemed to activate other receptors of the subfamily as well, which lead to very serious health complications. Lorcaserin HCI, however, is proven to target only the 2C serotonin receptors in the brain, which are responsible for the feeling of satiety and hunger. The activation of these receptors leads to experiencing fewer cravings and becoming full much faster, therefore allowing patients to consume less food.

Lorcaserin weigh-loss pill is, however, a federally controlled substance. Therefore, there are plenty of restrictions for patients who want to start the treatment with Belviq. First of all, only obese patients are allowed to take Lorcaserin diet pills (people with the BMI (body mass index) 30 kg/m2 or higher). Overweight patients with the body mass index of 27 kg/m2 are can also buy Belviq prescription drug, but only if they have any weigh-related comorbidities, like diabetes or hypertension. Furthermore, the drug is contraindicated for pregnant women, women who intend to become pregnant in near future, or who lactate. Finally, because of the potential for abuse and for development of a habit, patients are not allowed to give the pills to anyone else and should make sure that no one takes their pills without permission.

Once your doctor gives you the prescription for the drug, you can buy Belviq diet pills in almost any pharmacy within the United States of America. Usually, the insurance does not cover the cost of the medication; however there are insurance companies that do cover the cost partially and sometimes completely. If you want to buy Lorcaserin pills for the first time you can also use the two-week trial offered for free by the distributors of the drug. Ask your doctor about the free two-week supply or go to the official webpage of medication.

Lorcaserin is also available outside of US. Patients can buy Belviq in Canada in pharmacies and can even order it online. For the online purchase, patients might need a special electronic prescription, which they can acquire from the doctor.

Furthermore, Lorcaserin has recently become available in Brazil. In order for people to buy Lorcaserin in Brazil, the companies had to file for approval. The drug is still not available in every pharmacy, but can be found and legally purchased with prescription.

Obesity becomes more and more common in Australia. The State health organizations predict that by the year 2025, as much as 80% of the Australian adults will be obese. Therefore, the drug has received the government approval. Buying Belviq in Australia is just as easy as it is within the US. The medication is available online, as well as over-the-counter.

Lorcaserin HCI was almost available in Europe until May 2013 under a different trade name, when the application for the trade license was withdrawn. The drug would probably not receive the approval because of the safety issues. The pharmacies in US, however, often offer the possibility to buy Belviq online. So, if the European patients provide the prescriptions the drug can be ordered online (just make sure that it can be delivered to the respective city).

However, with the rising toll of obesity becoming more global, EU regulators are getting more serious about finding the ways to prevent the disease, as well as to treat it. Thus, the EU health organizations predict that patients will finally be able to buy Lorcaserin in Europe in late 2015.