Belviq diet pill reviews

Patients share the reviews on Belviq

Belviq (Lorcaserin) is an innovative medication that was approved by the FDA for weight loss. And since it is on the market for hardly 2 years, many patients are still hesitating: whether to start taking it or not. Nevertheless, over the period that Belviq has been available, quite a lot of people have tried it and, fortunately, even shared their experiences.

We believe that before buying any product, one should thoroughly research it. That especially concerns buying weight loss drug like Lorcaserin. It is a serious medication that can easily be misused and, thus, can cause severe consequences. Reading Belviq reviews left by the patients who actually took it, can help you better understand what you are getting yourself into. However, the following material is not intended to recommend the medication, and you should follow you doctor’s recommendations.

We have gathered the drug reviews from different sources and presented them in a more cohesive form. It should also be noted, that the opinions on Belviq vary a lot. However, more than 70% of the reviews are considered to be positive, while about 17% are rather negative and the other 13% are neutral.

The following reviews are the summaries of the Lorcaserin reviews left by different patients. While some of them shared their name, gender and age, many decided to remain anonymous. Please, keep in mind that the given names also might have been used as pseudonyms.

Here are some of the Belviq reviews of patients who have just recently started taking it.

–      Stella is 5’4 and needs to lose about 30 pounds to reduce her Body Mass Index and improve her health. Having started only 2 weeks before leaving this review, she pointed out that she did not experience any side effects and that the drug succeeded in reducing the hunger. The patient adds that during the first week she barely lost any weight at all, while after the second she was as much as 5 pounds lighter. Nevertheless, Stella confirms that she has been using Lorcaserin for weight loss as an additional help to control her hunger and that she has also been using a diet-tracking app to follow how much food she actually consumed, which helps her stay motivated, as the portion size was her biggest problem.

–      George, being 5’11 started taking Belviq 3 months before leaving his review, when we weighed 255 pounds. During the first week his experience was similar to Stella’s, in that he barely lost any weight at all. However, he stated that once he actually started changing his diet for a healthier one and exercising regularly, he started losing weight more efficiently.

Leading this new healthier lifestyle and taking Belviq tablets, the average weight loss per week has been about 3.4 pounds. Unlike Stella, George has been experiencing some light side effects, like dry mouth. George was 212 pounds when he wrote his review and determined to continue the treatment and his weight loss program.

–      Leah, on the other hand, had quite an unpleasant experience with Belviq. After taking the medication for almost 4 months, she started experiencing some of the side effects, like nausea, headache and feeling overall not well. She did not contact her doctor and stopped taking the medication altogether. After a couple days she began experiencing even more side effects: from sweating, shivering, spasms and muscle tremors to loss of coordination, headaches and increased heartbeat. Leah then went to emergency room, where she was also told that she has dangerously high blood pressure. She then started taking the drug again, decreasing the dosage, as it was recommended by doctors. It took her about three weeks to stop the treatment completely. Leah feels that during that time she has also been experiencing the symptoms of the Serotonin Syndrome.

We should remind you to inform your doctor about any changes you are noticing and to not make any decisions regarding the treatment without consulting your doctor first.

–      An anonymous patient, who has been taking the medication for over a month, also shared her review for Belviq. During the first two weeks she has been taking the drug, as prescribed, two times a day (in the morning and then in the evening). However, she stated that because her insurance doesn’t cover any of the Belviq’s price, she reduced her dosage to one pill a day. The patient also confessed that during the treatment she managed to gain weight, as there was a family gathering and she did not pay necessary attention to her eating habits. She also points out that once she got back on track, started making healthier choices and controlling the portion sizes, she lost the gained weight and even more.

The patient also reminded that although she hasn’t been craving sugar as much as she used to, it still tastes the same and that people should keep that in mind. She stated that taking Belviq in addition to consuming food at a slower pace makes her feel full much faster.

The following Lorcaserin reviews were shared by patients who have been taking it for more than 8 months:

–      A 48-year-old Paul weighed 287 pounds, while having the height of 6’1 and the common health conditions that are usually associated with obesity – hypertension (high blood pressure) and joint aches. He claims that he got overweight after getting married, having much stress at work and not leading a healthy lifestyle.

After taking Lorcaserin for eleven months, Paul has lost over 78 pounds and is determined to lose 15 more. He also followed the doctors’ recommendations by changing the eating habits (making healthier options and watching the portion size) and leading a more active lifestyle (he included exercise to his daily routine and often rides a bicycle, both in and outdoors).  Unlike what it says in the Belviq reviews from other users, Paul has been experiencing some side effects in form of headache. But in the end, he shares that it is worth it and he feels good and much healthier.

–      A patient, who decided to remain anonymous, wrote that she has been taking Belviq for more than six months and it helped her control her appetite, leading to a significant weight loss (over 70 pounds). However, after the fifth month she began experiencing several adverse reactions, which included dizziness, feeling tired and sleepy, being confused, having depressive thoughts and troubles with concentration. She states that it would become worse each day. Soon it became difficult for her to move and control her balance, she even almost fell a few times. After talking to her doctor, the patient discontinued the treatment. Unlike Leah, she did not experience any withdrawal symptoms and stated that she felt much better once she stopped taking the medication.

We have also noticed several tendencies, described in the Belviq reviews. Many state that the medication has helped them control their cravings and reduce the need to snack at night. However, every success story implies using Lorcaserin as an additional help to an already existing weight loss program. For instance, patients who lost the most and who were satisfied with the results also changed their diet (started eating more whole foods, vegetables, less carbohydrates from refined products) and started exercising regularly.

Meanwhile, there were quite a few of patients who did not notice any results, but also did not change their lifestyle. Some had to stop the medication due to unpleasant side effects of Lorcaserin and possibly dangerous consequence of continuing the treatment.

The given material represents summaries of the real reviews, written by different patients at different periods. Some of them just started Belviq course, while others have taken it for over a year. Please, note that while the described effects caused by the medication applied to these cases, you might experience completely different reactions. For some patients Lorcaserin works better, is more effective and represents a greater help than for others. If you feel that the drug has no effect on you, talk to your doctor about it and discuss other options.

Furthermore, if you experience any uncomfortable side effects, contact your doctor immediately and inform him/her about everything that has changed, even if it doesn’t seem important. Your doctor should be able to see the full picture to understand how Belviq works for you and whether you should indeed stop the treatment. Do not hesitate contacting the closest emergency room if your doctor is unavailable and the side effect is more severe.

As a final point, if you decide to start the treatment with Belviq, make sure you note all changes and observe how the medication is affecting you. Researchers recommend keeping a journal and noting anything out of the usual there, along with the day and the time of the experienced feeling. It would then be easier for doctors to understand how exactly the drug is affecting you.

Finally, you are more than welcome to share your experience with other patients and people who intend to start the medication, and create your own Lorcaserin reviews.