Do diet pills work?

With obesity becoming one of the biggest health problems in US and UK, it is not surprising that many companies work on developing diet pills to help patients on their weight loss journey. In fact, diet pills seem to be so popular that the market is now filled with various weight-loss pills and supplements. The question is – do diet pills even work?

With such a great variety of weight loss pills and supplements it is indeed difficult not to get tricked by the promises on the packages: “lose weight fast!”, “best way to lose weight!” But can you judge the buyers? After all, it’s not easy to maintain a healthy diet and exercise, and many require extra help.

However, while some people try whatever they can get their hands on, some are still very hesitant and scared of diet pills. That is also not surprising, because all weight loss pills were banned by Food and Drug Administration for thirteen years in the US. The bad reputation is very well deserved, especially considering the risks the consumers were put under with the first legal weight loss medication. Has anything changed?

In fact, it has. In 2012, an innovative weight loss pill Belviq was officially approved by the FDA. After years of research, Arena Pharmaceuticals have developed the formula that would not only help obese and overweight patients lose weight, but would also be safe.

How to distinguish diet pills that work from a fake?

First of all, pay attention to the claims on the packages. Whenever you see the loud claims like “fat burning pills” – run. There’s no such thing as a pill that would magically burn the fat inside your body, allowing you to eat whatever you want.

The other common “promise”, which you can find on the package labels of such “medications”, is that they will help you lose weight fast. No matter how effective the weight loss medication is, it won’t be able to make patients lose weight fast. It took years to gain this weight, so don’t expect to be able to lose it quickly.

That brings us to the next question…

How does Belviq work?

Researchers at the Arena Pharmaceuticals focused not on developing fat burning pills, but rather on the medication that could prevent gaining it in the first place and promote losing fat further on.

That implies that instead of targeting the fat, Belviq targets the brain. The main active ingredient in Belviq diet pill is Lorcaserin, which is a very effective selective serotonin receptor agonist.

You have probably heard of the chemical serotonin, as it is so famously responsible for our mood. That is why it is so commonly used to treat such medical conditions, as anxiety and depression. Well, as it turns out, serotonin has many functions in our body, one of which is to notify us when we are hungry, as well as when we have reached satiety.

Lorcaserin targets the 5-HT2C molecule in the 5-HT receptor subfamily. In other words, lorcaserin HCl stimulates the serotonin levels in the brain, making you feel full faster than it normally takes to you to feel full. Thus, patients can consume less food and still get the feeling of satiety. Moreover, patients report experiencing fewer food cravings than usual, which is also very helpful, as we rarely crave the foods that are healthy.

Overall, Belviq diet pill allows patients to manage their appetite, consume much less food and therefore promote healthy weight loss.

What is the best way to lose weight according to science?

The best way to lose weight highly depends on your situation and on your health conditions. Lorcaserin hydrochloride is a federally controlled substance and, therefore, can only be prescribed by a physician. Patients should not only pass a medical examination, but also meet the requirements set by the FDA to be qualified to start the medication course.

For instance, Belviq diet pill is only prescribed to obese patients (that is when the BMI is higher than 30 kg/m2) or to overweight patients (BMI 27) with an obesity-related health problem, such as Hypertension or diabetes.

What’s more, Belviq weight-loss pill cannot be taken by pregnant women, women who intend to get pregnant is soon future and to women who breastfeed. In the first two cases, a slight weight gain is advised to even obese women, while in the last case, taking Belviq during the lactation period could potentially harm the baby, as the drug is excreted through the milk.

How effective is Lorcaserin diet pill?

The effectiveness of Lorcaserin hydrochloride depends again on the case. Different people might have slightly different response to the medication and therefore get different results. However, to enhance the results of the drug, patients are prescribed a healthier diet, as well as regular exercising.

Furthermore, it may happen that the drug is not effective in particular cases. In fact, if a patient does not lose a certain amount of weight by the time specified by the doctor, the Belviq course will be discontinued.

Nevertheless, according to the results of several randomized controlled trials conducted by the developers of the medication, the average weight loss, over the period of 52 weeks, encouraged by Belviq weight loss pill was around 8.2% of the total body weight (up to 13 kg / 30 pounds).

The bottom line

So, the answer to the question “do diet pills work? is certainly yes, but only if they are chosen wisely and administrated as prescribed by the doctor. The efficiency of a weight loss medication will also depend on your health and other factors.

Also, no diet pills will help you lose weight fast. Instead, the effective weight loss medication, such as Belviq, will assist you on your weight loss journey by helping you control the appetite.

Finally, it is crucial to maintain a healthy low-calorie diet and lead an active lifestyle.